The minimum length of an internship could be 4 weeks. However, this is exceptional, as companies would rather have students for a minimum of 2, or even 3 months. This way the company are able to train the student, while the student becomes a part of the company. Nevertheless, 4-week internships are possible, especially in smaller companies.

In order to use the services of MPA Homes, our agency fees will have to be paid within 7 days of receiving the registration form, into our British bank account , in Pounds Sterling (depending on the exchange rate on the day).

Our bank details, which can be found both on our registration form and website, can also be sent to you by email.

The balance is due 7 days later and must be paid in British Pounds into our company’s British bank (depending on the exchange rate on the day) after receipt of your signed internship agreement.

An internship outline is a document containing all the relevant information relating to your host company (address, website, email address, key contacts phone numbers etc.), the duties set out by the company, as well as guidance on signing your internship agreement.

Please make sure you read this document very carefully.

The internships on offer are generally based in Greater London, and sometimes outside London (Please contact us for more information).

MPA coaching is committed to providing high quality internships to their students. However, because we work with companies who have their own internal administrative procedures, we are therefore in no position to influence the timescale set by a particular company when considering a student’s application.

After we receive a student’s application, we commit to get in touch with them within 48hrs by email to invite them to a preliminary interview either via Skype or telephone, in order to assess their level of fluency in English and go over their CV and the various options open to them based on their educational background.

MPA coaching is committed to providing high quality internships to all their students. For this reason, we give our partner companies the opportunity to conduct telephone/Skype interviews in order to ascertain that the intern they have shortlisted matches the profile they are looking for.In the event that your application hasn’t been selected, we promise to continue with our search until a company makes you an offer before your arrival in London.

MPA Coaching will see to it that your choices of industry and department are taken into account and match your criteria.

However, if we happened to offer you an internship which did not match your criteria or skills, we would immediately correct our mistake. On the other hand, should you turn down a company because of its geographical location, its size, etc., after we have complied with your criteria, we would not offer any further internships to you.

Summer and Christmas holidays tend to be quieter as most companies are closed and there is a lull in business activity. Notwithstanding, MPA Coaching are still available to welcome and help any student wishing to find a Summer job, take up English classes or just do some sightseeing. We also help students who have decided to put down roots in London.

It is better for the student to arrive before 18hrs (local time) on the weekend before the internship is due to start. During the weekend the student will become familiar with their accommodation, the area, the transport system, find their way to their company, and become acquainted with the new culture. This especially as we are able to meet with you and provide you with more information.

Technical internships refer to placements such as medical, financial, aeronautical,…ones.

We advise you not to mention this topic at the very beginning of your internship. Your internship is unpaid in principle. However, any refund of your meals or transport costs is at the company’s discretion. It would be looked down upon and be embarrassing if your company decided not to go ahead with the internship because of any demands you had made to be paid. After you’ve proved yourself and shown seriousness in your work, your company will offer to reimburse your meals and transport costs…

Yes, you can attach your internship agreement. This way, as soon as your internship is confirmed, MPA Coaching will send it to the host company.


As you are aware, English is a global language and London a largely popular destination for all age groups.

To ensure that each international student improves his or her English, and has an insight of the British culture and hence returns with a memorable experience, it would be essential to place him or her in a good family environment.

MPA Coaching offers them the opportunity to be welcomed within your home.

A Host Family could be a man and woman of any age, with or without children or a single parent, aged 25 and over, willing to open their home to one or more International students..

Once you decide to join our project please contact us to arrange for a home visit. During the visit we will ensure:

That all is well for a student to be hosted in your home (condition of the room, take photos)

Register with our project

The availability of the room(s)

Your wishes will be considered

Each party is aware of its obligations during the hosting period.

The Host Family must have a single and/or twin room.

The Host Family will not be required to provide food for the international student as they will cook and buy their own groceries. We will ask you to create space in the fridge and kitchen cupboard for the students to store his/her grocery.

However, you are more than welcomed to invite the student to discover your culture.

These stays generally take place all through the year with the largest arrivals from spring until end of summer holidays and before the Christmas period.

Our peak arrival dates are:

1st, 2nd and 3rd weekend of April and May

2nd weekend of October until before the Christmas break

1st weekend of November until before the Christmas break

Even though the durations may vary, the international students will stay from 4 weeks to a year or more.

The student aged 18 and over will come from European countries mainly France, Spain, Italy, Germany to live and study in London.

The Host Family will receive a monthly payment, subject to the standard of the room and location.

Moreover, the experiences that will result will have a positive impact on your family and the international student, hence forming lifelong friendship.

Often the Host Family can travel to the student’s country to visit and meet their families.

Everyone involved will learn and understand a little more about the world we live in and the countries and cultures which seem so far apart or help provide that link back to your home country.


Your business could reap many benefits by taking on students for an unpaid work placement experience. Our international interns add value to your organisation by:

  • developing projects that the company hasn’t the staff or time to carry out
  • adding foreign language skills and an international prospective,
  • supporting your ambitions to make your business global
  • bringing Fresh new ideas
  • enthusiasm

We can introduce to your organisation International trainees who are looking for opportunities in the following areas:

  • Marketing, Communication, Publicity
  • Accounting, audit,
  • Assistant Manager, Personal Assistant, Secretary
  • Sales, International Traders
    • Human Resources
    • Event management
    • Client data base creation, prospection and follow up
    • Law

We will pre-screen selected candidates (English level, education and skills) and make every effort to connect you with the student you need.

In order to complete their studies our post baccalaureate candidates are required to carry out an internship within an overseas company operating in a sector relevant to their professional qualification. The candidates will mainly come from European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, etc.   This international internship is compulsory and is a vital part of the student’s final exam mark.

In order to complete their studies our post baccalaureate candidates are required to carry out an internship in an overseas company operating in a sector relevant to their professional

This international internship is compulsory and is a vital part of the student’s final exam mark.

Our interns come at absolutely no financial cost to your business!   The agreement is between you/your company and their learning institution. And because they remain enrolled as students, they are not employees or workers in your company.   In return for their skills and time, your business provides work experience, on the job training and an opportunity to improve their English language skills, and help them to complete their studies.