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Please fill in your details below to become a Student member of MPA Coaching which will, once approved, let you view the internships that are available on our website.

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Once registered you will be taken to your Profile page where you will fill in more details about yourself and indicate times you will be available for a Skype interview. Once the Skype interview has been completed, you will gain access to the internship roles we have available.

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Students who have signed up but not yet paid or had a Skype interview

Become partners with our Agency

Fill in and return our application form
Attach the required documents (CV, Covering Letter, Passport, etc)
Confirm payment of the 1st half of our agency fee (as per required service)

First Skype/telephone interview with MPA Internship team (to clarify your requirements and assess your English level)
MPA Internship forwards your profile to company partners
MPA Internship forwards you company partners profiles
Your profile has been shortlisted by company partners
MPA Internship organises Skype interviews with our company partners

Acceptance of your internship placement by our company partner
Send your training agreement directly to the host company for signature

MPA Homes starts searching for accommodation next to your host company
Proposal of up to 3 accommodation options
You accept the accommodation offer

You transfer the payment for the rent + the deposit + the 2nd half of our fees
MPA Internship assists you to prepare your suitcase for London

Welcome at Eurostar/Airport/Coach and greet within the Host Family (you can book a transfer)
Provide Sim Card and guide to buy suitable Travel card
Familiarise with London through walking guided tour and social events
In addition, you can benefit from our Coaching service!

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